Wedding Bands for H & P

I was commissioned to make a set of wedding band for H & P. The brief is simple & elegant, something that can be worn everyday. H & P decided they didn't want to just go into a typical jewellery shop to buy their wedding bands off the shelf. They wanted something that holds special meaning to just the two of them, not a design or brand name that could be seen on another couple's fingers.

Since their wedding ceremony is held today 29-Feb-2012, which is a leap year, I came up with the concept of using the phrase 'Leap of Faith' to signify the commitment to each other in a marriage and the celebration of this union on a leap year. The phrase 'Leap of Faith' is captured in timeless and elegant calligraphy font with chunky modern wide bands. Forged by hand in solid 999 fine silver. Satin finish with polished raised calligraphy.

These simple looking bands are more challenging to execute than it looks due to the size and type of font. Each letter is stringed, positioned & tweaked into place by hand, one at a time, no stamp was used here. I'm very happy with how it turned out and so is H & P.

Custom made His & Hers silhouette ring box

This is where it all started. A bit of scribbling on a piece of paper...

How it looks like in greenware stage pre-firing