Travel In Style

It's a good day today.
Something I've been looking forward to eagerly arrived at my door in the form of a postman with multiple parcels. I immediately zoomed in on the 2 larger ones...I recognize the's my order from ReadySetGo!!! A bespoke train case and overnight travel bag. Oh the sheer delight of unwrapping the parcels. After exchanging numerous convos with Rachel (of ReadySetGo) to & fro about the design, now I get to see it in the flesh. This is all very exciting for me. I think she's equally anxious to know how I feel about it too. And the verdict is: It's fabulous Rachel! I LOVE it! It's absolutely worth all the wait to own two of your fine pieces. No more boring luggages, now I can travel in style and be the envy of other travelers! destination. (But I better not check this one in, just in case...)

If you love vintage luggages, you will fall for Rachel's shop ReadySetGo & her new shop ReadySetClutch for all the upcycled fabulous traveling gear and pretty little clutches you never knew you needed. I love the fact that you can tell her what's in your head and she will turn them into works of art. The best part is, you get to personalize it and make it the one and only in this world. Perfect wedding or graduation gift! Here's a secret: look out for "Pick Your Poison" and her weekly special deals...shhhh

Bespoke lipstick red Vintage Train Case with my favorite dandelions in the wind & old bi-plane artwork

My personalized traveling companion...a handsome vintage overnight bag with a lovely doe, maple leaf, skeleton keys & cool fleur de lis symbol.

Now you'll probably need something to dress up your vacation outfit? Here are some suggestions from my shop

1. Vacation In Greece Bracelet 2. Moroccan Earrings 3. Divine Earrings 4. Foliage Necklace

Paris & Spain through my eyes...

Many years ago, I had the chance to visit Spain & France, and it certainly was a trip I'll never forget. Not that I don't like the usual Eiffel Tower in Paris or watch the bull fight in Spain. But what interest me most were the artworks out of the museums, on the streets, the beautiful architecture & heritage buildings, you certainly don't need to pay a dime to go into an art museum to appreciate art. It's everywhere. Back then, I didn't have a digital camera, so I took close to 10 rolls of film! Here are some of those old photos which I took during my travel.

The infamous...The Louvre, Paris. I had to take this classic shot while I'm there!

Metropolis Building at dawn gives a different glow.
(located on the crossing of the Calle de Alcala and the Gran Via in Madrid in Spain)

I love the opulent black and gold trimming on this building. Designed by two French architects Jules Fevrier and Raymond Fevrier. Very impressive, classic & timeless.

Spain & Paris....I will be back again...XX

Experiment & Explore

I've always loved to work with fabric. Primarily I started OpusMuse with mostly vintage beads, slowly it has evolved to include some industrial influence, some distressed finished pieces, and lately, I've started working with more mediums like fabric, leather, felt and others.

The process of discovering, exploring and learning new but old techniques and applying them to my design to make something different & unique is such a fun and enriching trip for me. I'm sure there's some machine out there now that can produce the same thing with the push of a button. But I just enjoy the fact that you can still make something beautiful and wearable with just your hands.

This is a fusion of my love for fabrics, texture and all things vintage inspired. It's named 'Nectar'. Made from silk, brass and swarovski crystal.

Nectar necklace using ruching, which is a labour intensive time consuming old sewing technique, which is still used in many high fashion couture design.

Divina cuff by OpusMuse

Distressed with industrial influence... Contour Cuff by OpusMuse

Muse Series using various hand braiding techniques.

Inspiration comes in many forms...

I've had this account for sometime now. Collecting blogs written by people whose work & design I admire. Didn't have the courage to start my own. So it's time I step out of my comfort zone. I may not have anything profound to say, but what you read here, will be little bits & pieces of erratic information of what makes me feel alive, my inspirations, my work.

It's true my inspiration comes in many forms. Just the other day, I was watching a TV show hosted by my fav UK ID mag - Living Etc, they featured the work of Helen Amy Murray, a UK based textile designer. Her work is phenomenal. She can transform an ordinary piece of leather into works of art. And I mean true wall hanging worthy! Admire her work iconic chair Arne Jacobson Egg chair upholstered in her signature Peony relief pattern, and a few of my personal favorites. See more of her work on her official website.

Inspired by her nature designs, I've decided to make this necklace. 'PURE'...made with leather, Czech glass and vintage lucite drops. Soon to be available in my shop. Tell me what you think?

PURE leather necklace by OpusMuse