Distressed Luxe

I'm at the stage of gathering materials to make up a mood board for the interior theme of our new place, which hopefully will be ready by sometime mid of this year. We've now decided on a term which I made up - 'Distressed Luxe'. Do not mistaken it for Shabby Chic, it's not. It's a theme which I hope will achieve an old world feel with some form of luxury, without looking shabby. Yesterday, while at a local bookstore, browsing through mazagines, a favorite pastime which I love, I came upon this vision of the french style which I think fits the mood. I'm in love with the whole color theme: french blue, white, black with a subtle touch of gilded pieces.

The monumental Salone Grande, which was built in the Fifties and based on 17th-century plans. The summer home for the Prince & Princess of Borromeo, Italy. La dolce vita!
(Source: W magazine)

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