My 5 minutes of fame...

Thanks to the lovely people at Simply Her, a Singapore based women's magazine, OpusMuse got it's 5 minutes of fame.

In the recent years, I've noticed a trend rising in Singapore, that is, many mothers are able to work from home or start their small home based business thanks to the advancement in technology and an embrace in the convenience of online retail. In my case, it was a dream come true. I was able to send my jewelry all over the world, even to countries which I've never been.

The article features women in Singapore who work from home, and how some of them juggle work with the upbringing of children. To me, this was a way that the society acknowledge women who desire to have a balance of holding their place in society and play an active part in the growing years of their offsprings. Very empowering!

So here's my little work studio in all it's glory. A space which I cherish with all things which are precious to me.

Simply Her November 2011 Issue...


Nicole | OpusMuse

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