Colours & Patterns

I'm really excited about the prospect of decorating our new place. The first inspiration that pops into my head is this is shop which I love to death ~ Designers Guild. This London based worldwide name is establish by designer Tricia Guild, who is the brainchild of this furnishing fabrics, wall coverings, upholstery empire. I admire their ability to mix colors and patterns with such flair & ease.

We're still undecided about what theme we're going to for this time for our new home. Rock Vintage? Shabby Chic? Baroque? It's a tough choice. But I do know what I like from this shop, and I'll share some of my favorite picks with you. I'm sure their website will inspire you too!

nabucco fabric, image from Designers Guild

copacobana fabric, image from Designers Guild

lebond fabric, image from Designers Guild

tsugar wallcovering, image from Designers Guild

aliseda fabric, image from Designers Guild

jorosa fabric, image from Designers Guild


Laura said...

I love Designer's Guild fabrics... Unfortunately they are a bit out of my price range. But they definitely are an inspiration!

OpusMuse said...

Hi Laura, they are out of my reach as well...but yes, they are a good source of inspiration & deco ideas.

Anonymous said...

OOOOO... luscious and lovely. Love the patterns and colours!

noyab said...

so beautiful!