Inspiration comes in many forms...

I've had this account for sometime now. Collecting blogs written by people whose work & design I admire. Didn't have the courage to start my own. So it's time I step out of my comfort zone. I may not have anything profound to say, but what you read here, will be little bits & pieces of erratic information of what makes me feel alive, my inspirations, my work.

It's true my inspiration comes in many forms. Just the other day, I was watching a TV show hosted by my fav UK ID mag - Living Etc, they featured the work of Helen Amy Murray, a UK based textile designer. Her work is phenomenal. She can transform an ordinary piece of leather into works of art. And I mean true wall hanging worthy! Admire her work iconic chair Arne Jacobson Egg chair upholstered in her signature Peony relief pattern, and a few of my personal favorites. See more of her work on her official website.

Inspired by her nature designs, I've decided to make this necklace. 'PURE'...made with leather, Czech glass and vintage lucite drops. Soon to be available in my shop. Tell me what you think?

PURE leather necklace by OpusMuse


ShySiren said...

Love, love, love this! Can't wait to see it in the shop!!

OpusMuse said...

Hey thanks Sara! Glad you discovered my blog! ;)

Dallas Shaw said...

helen murray is one of my faves