Paris & Spain through my eyes...

Many years ago, I had the chance to visit Spain & France, and it certainly was a trip I'll never forget. Not that I don't like the usual Eiffel Tower in Paris or watch the bull fight in Spain. But what interest me most were the artworks out of the museums, on the streets, the beautiful architecture & heritage buildings, you certainly don't need to pay a dime to go into an art museum to appreciate art. It's everywhere. Back then, I didn't have a digital camera, so I took close to 10 rolls of film! Here are some of those old photos which I took during my travel.

The infamous...The Louvre, Paris. I had to take this classic shot while I'm there!

Metropolis Building at dawn gives a different glow.
(located on the crossing of the Calle de Alcala and the Gran Via in Madrid in Spain)

I love the opulent black and gold trimming on this building. Designed by two French architects Jules Fevrier and Raymond Fevrier. Very impressive, classic & timeless.

Spain & Paris....I will be back again...XX