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I've always loved to work with fabric. Primarily I started OpusMuse with mostly vintage beads, slowly it has evolved to include some industrial influence, some distressed finished pieces, and lately, I've started working with more mediums like fabric, leather, felt and others.

The process of discovering, exploring and learning new but old techniques and applying them to my design to make something different & unique is such a fun and enriching trip for me. I'm sure there's some machine out there now that can produce the same thing with the push of a button. But I just enjoy the fact that you can still make something beautiful and wearable with just your hands.

This is a fusion of my love for fabrics, texture and all things vintage inspired. It's named 'Nectar'. Made from silk, brass and swarovski crystal.

Nectar necklace using ruching, which is a labour intensive time consuming old sewing technique, which is still used in many high fashion couture design.

Divina cuff by OpusMuse

Distressed with industrial influence... Contour Cuff by OpusMuse

Muse Series using various hand braiding techniques.


urban craft said...

super wicked contour cuff!

OpusMuse said...

Oh gosh, absolutely flattered. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

It's a truly amazing design. You are very talented! It was a pleasure to include it in my post, I only apologize for my laziness. Usually I feature an artist adding the link, a few more item pics and a write up. I've been away enjoying summer too much lately though:) Anywho, would it be OK if I feature you properly this Sunday? Several commenters seemed to particularly fancy your necklace...so I'm sure they'd love to see more!